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About Us
Welcome to our RC tank club!...... Feel free to join our forums....... catch up with other clubs around the world....... and see you at our battledays......

RC tank battles are fun especially with the participation of more tanks! We wanna get in touch with folks in Singapore who own a radio controlled tank that can do tank battle. Hey, we can thus form teams of battalion. Check us out! We are using 1/16 TAMIYA tanks, installed with infrared battle unit to do tank battle. Tankers from all over the world are welcome to share information.

  • Exchange information.
  • Organise tank battles.
  • Promote this hobby.
  • Gather more members.
  • Help each other.

One of our early tank battle
One of our early tank battles.

One of our early tank battle
Roll Call..

Marina Sq tank battle
Tiger guarding the street.

Marina Sq tank battle
Allied first wave breaking German resistances.

Marina Sq tank battle
Allies holding position in town normandy.

Marina Sq tank battle
German forces flanking approaching Allies.

Marina Sq tank battle
King Tiger moving to its position ..

Marina Sq tank battle
in defence of berlin.

Marina Sq tank battle
Pershing ambush behind ruins.

Marina Sq tank battle
An awful calm before a showdown.

Marina Sq tank battle
Tiger at checkpoint.

Marina Sq tank battle
Allies started offensive to capture berlin.

Marina Sq tank battle
Second wave moved in to provide fire support

Marina Sq tank battle
Its VE day!

Marina Sq tank battle
Is this the KFOR leopard on peacekeeping mission?.

Tamiya Cup 2005
Battleday at Tamiya event.

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